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Whether you're looking to generate & capture leads with online forms, surveys, calendar links, or by hosting public events, and then convert those leads with professional online quote management, they should all flow back through Act! - the CRM trusted by millions for 35+ years!

Linktivity products work with Act! on the desktop and in the cloud, with most of them available in standard and team editions. Sign-up for a free trial today and discover the many ways Linktivity can help you and your team Act! better.


Publish your Act! calendar so people can see when you're available and book a time with you, adding appointments immediately to your calendar, and notifying both parties of the booking


Create professional-looking quotes in moments, send them instantly from anywhere, and then track all customer click-throughs to a successful close, automatically scheduling follow-ups through the whole sales process.


Integrate online forms into your website to generate new business leads that feed directly into your Act! database and creates compelling & attractive surveys to help you harvest customer feedback.


Publish the sign-up page, adds new contacts to Act!, organize all sign-ups in groups, and link them to the corresponding activity, automating reminders and follow-ups.


Integration with BriteVerify verification service directly with Act! to update your contact records, increase email deliverability by 98%, and avoid blacklists.


Link2shrink is our latest Linktivity marketing tool that shortens URL's and tracks click-throughs. What's more, Link2shrink has been designed to work with both internal and external addresses.


Link2sync helps you synchronize your QuickTask and QuickMeets data across the Internet to keep all installations current, and you at your most productive.


Link2mail reliably records email history from any device to Act! contacts without the need for Outlook or a plugin. Perfect for users with Macs or Web based email.


Link2surveys ensures seamless connection of your online surveys to your Act! database, yielding results and enabling faster business improvement.


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