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Share, shorten, organize, and track all your links in one place

Link2shrink’s primary function is in its name: to shorten your URLs.

Whether you’re employing URLs from third-party sites or Linktivity’s program links, their lengths can be cumbersome for memory or usage on social platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Link2shrink addresses this issue by generating abbreviated redirect links that are universally applicable. While akin to other URL shortening services, Link2shrink stands out by integrating effortlessly with both Linktivity addresses and external sites, streamlining your process and cutting costs.

Link2shrink also helps track your lead sources. Get better insights into which social media or search terms produce the most click-throughs, and make smarter advertising choices accordingly. Get detailed reporting on click quantities, lead sources, browsers, devices, and platforms.

Link2shrink is built into all our Team products, but it also works as a standalone product for condensing internal and external URL's, regardless of the source.

With link2shrink, you can do the following

  • Convert any internal or external link into a short, easy-to-remember URL
  • Use these shrunken URL's with confidence on social media, signature links, and all other digital spaces you manage
  • Categorize each link for easy filtering & searching
  • Track how many clicks each link gets
  • Track referral sources, which browsers, platforms, and even devices are used on these links
  • Share blogs, product pages, shopping cart links, and much more in your marketing
  • Easy to learn, use, and organize
  • Fully integrated with all Team products of Linktivity

The UI for Link2shrink features the following:

  • like Link2forms, you click to add a new redirection (see above)
  • you enter the destination URL
  • Select a TLD, and then add a custom extension and check if it's available by clicking Create
  • if you don't enter anything, it will auto-generate an alphanumeric extension
  • when you save, it'll add this link to a list similar to Link2forms, with searching features (see below)
  • The service will include basic click-through statistics and source locators (number of clicks and which site the link came from)

System Requirements & Subscription Terms

  • A current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher)
  • Act! security role of "Standard" or higher, with WebAPI permissions assigned
  • Act! Premium Cloud or Act! Premium with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link
  • Act! WebAPI v1.0.409.0 or K-API
  • All prices listed are in USD, and billed per user/per database

This service will cost $60 per year for the full product, or you can enjoy Lite versions free of charge with your Team subscriptions to Link2events, Link2forms, or Link2calendars. These free Lite versions will not show stats, or be displayed under the Link2shrink console shown above, but they are available to create custom or auto-generated links within these respective online services.

The illustration below shows the kind of detailed click-thru statistics you can expect from Link2shrink, including lead soruces, click counts, and even a breakdown of the platforms they were consumed on, like Windows, Mac, Android, or IOS devices.

Like all our Linktivity products, everything is available in one place within your Linktivity account, and accessible from your PC, MAC, tablet, or mobile phone. 


Shorten URL's and track Click-thru's

Works with external links

Whether it's an address from your website, a blog, or a product page in your shopping cart, URL's can be long, ugly, and hard to remember. And when it comes to social media services like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, sometimes they're prohibited. Link2shrink solves that problem by automatically converting long links to short ones, regardless of the source.

Shortens Linktivity URL's in a single click

Some of our Linktivity services like Link2forms, Link2events, and Link2calendar can generate long alpha-numeric URL's that are so unfriendly to look at they cannot be displayed without a hyperlink. Now Link2shrink can quickly generate a short URL right from within each of these services that is short enough to use anywhere. You can also create human-friendly custom links.

Easy to remember URL's

URL's that are easy to remember are easier to use for your customers. And the more you use our Link2 domains, the less they have to remember.

Free Link2shrink service with Teams

Get free Link2shrink URL's with Team accounts for Link2events, Link2forms, and Link2calendars.

Track your click-thrus

Link2shrink provides click-thru statistics to help you understand how well your URL is working,  and a detailed breakdown of which sites you placed it on are working best for you. These reports include which sites they clicked through on, as well as what devices they used (eg., Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS).

No software to install

Link2shrink is an online service, meaning there is no software to install.

Same time & money

Similar services can cost 50% more for the same features, but require you to leave Linktivity. With Link2shrink you can create custom URL's from the same place you create the destination URL. Save time and money.

Run Link2shrink from anywhere

Link2shrink is an online service, meaning you can run it from anywhere - including tablets and Mac's. 

Use with Assets from  Act! Marketing Automation
Use with Assets from Act! Marketing Automation

If you're using "Assets" from Act! Marketing Automation, you know it can generate some long unfriendly URL's, which can be challenging to use with some social media sites. Use Link2shrink to create a whole new shorter URL, and add extra tracking to it.

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Link2shrink FAQ's

None. Link2shrink is a totally internal service for shortening URL's that requires no connection to your database.

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With URL's, sometimes Less is More.

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