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New Web API trigger quoting solution for Act! users

Link2quotes is your license to Sell!

Link2quotes offers a comprehensive online quoting system tailored for Act! users. With Link2quotes, crafting a polished quote is swift and straightforward. You can seamlessly integrate new customers, provide a variety of product and service choices, enhance your quotes with images and videos, and dispatch them from any device or computer with a simple click.

The process is incredibly user-friendly, with most new users able to send quotes in the first hour. Additionally, Link2quotes generates new opportunities within Act!, sets up automated follow-up tasks to finalize sales, notifies you when a prospect views the quote, sends timely reminders, and marks the Opportunity as closed once the transaction is complete. Plus, Link2quotes can handle immediate payment processing upon quote acceptance and can push the transaction details directly to QuickBooks Online.

Setting itself apart from other third-party add-ons, Link2quotes uniquely writes directly to the database via the Act! WebAPI, ensuring immediate and seamless integration.


With Link2quotes, you can:

  • Create custom quotes and templates to match your brand and style, as well as product or service quote formats
  • Schedule quote follow-ups to keep your sales pipeline on track
  • Send automated quote reminders to ensure quotes stay top of mind
  • Real-time visibility to see when prospects view quotes and schedule your follow-ups accordingly
  • Process secure payments upon quote acceptance to simplify the sales process and increase conversion
  • Track accepted quotes against goals to monitor progress toward achieving sales targets
  • Process quotes in multiple currencies and automatically calculate foreign exchange when applicable

And the best part is you can use Link2quotes from anywhere - a PC, Tablet, or even a Mac because everything is online, with no need to have Act! locally installed.

The quote templates are completely customizable and responsive, and can be sent to the prospect right from the console.

  • If you're using the Act! Windows client, we provide you a free plugin that creates a Link2quotes button in the Opportunity details section, that you can click to either create a new quote or edit an existing one.

When your customer receives the quote, they can view it online, print it, or download as a PDF. Most importantly, though, these quotes can be accepted online. And an accepted quote automatically alerts you by email, and closes the Opportunity, as won.

Whether the quote gets accepted right away or not, every customer engagement with the quote is written back to the Opportunity History, so you have a detailed audit trail of each prospect's level of interest, allowing you to plan your follow-ups accordingly.

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System Requirements & Subscription Terms

  • A current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher)
  • Act! security role of "Standard" or higher, with WebAPI permissions assigned
  • Act! Premium Cloud or Act! Premium with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link
  • Act! WebAPI v1.0.409.0 or K-API
  • All prices listed are in USD, and billed per user/per database

Fast facts on...

Easily customized Quote layout

Every aspect of your quote template is customizable to suit your needs, as well as building an entire template library for your quotes.

Generate a URL to view your quote online

Link2quotes doesn't just render your quote as a PDF, it creates a unique link your customers can click on to view from anywhere. And these quotes can be viewed, printed, or downloaded as a PDF by your customers for easy management.

Quickly create quotes in one of three ways

Your salespeople will love you for the ease with which they can create quotes. Link2quotes can create a quote from scratch, from a template, or from an existing Opp. You can even add the contact on the fly. When done, just save & send. What could be easier?

Automate follow-ups & reminder emails

Once the quote is sent, you can configure up to four separate follow-ups for yourself in Act!. If that were not enough, you can also set a reminder email with the quote link to be sent to the prospect before the quote expires, so they get one final nudge to accept.

Instant Notification of Acceptance

Get an instant email alert whenever a quote is accepted, advising you of all the details so you can respond immediately. For extra verification, the customer's IP address is stamped on the accepted quote. The customer also get's emailed the accepted quote.
Link2quotes also closes the Opportunity as Won, and updates the Actual close date for you.

Prepare quotes from anywhere on anything

Not near a computer? Don't worry, you can login to Linktivity with any smart device, select an Opp from your pipeline, and send out a quote in less than a minute.

Get full reporting on your sales progress

Link2quotes displays your progress toward your quote, detailed KPI's on your pipeline, as well as a reports page showing graphs & stats on deals won, open quotes, expired quotes, quotes by status, deals lost, and daily deals, and it breaks the results down by sales person. 

Easily recall your online quote

If you ever need to recall a quote, simply disable the status of the quote and the link ceases to be available. And expired quotes cannot be accepted online either.

Additional quote options

Add extra details to your quote from the Link2quotes console that are not included in your Opportunity. For instance, you can add currency, sales tax, shipping fees, deposit details, and more. You can even select line by line which items are subject to sales tax.

Contextual Help in each part of Link2quotes

No matter which section of Link2quotes you're in, we offer detailed contextual help buttons that fully explain the program options of whichever section you're in.

Works with Local & Web databases

Link2quotes works with Cloud databases using the WebAPI, and local databases using Act! Connect Link. As long as you have an Act! subscription, you can manage your pipeline and quotes with less effort and more success using Link2quotes.

Know when your prospects view quotes

Take the guesswork out of managing your quotes, by getting detailed accounts of when all your prospects view their quotes. With each quote view, Link2quotes writes back to your Opportunity History, allowing you to plan your follow-ups accordingly.

Manage all your quotes in one place

The Link2quotes Dashboard displays all your quotes in one place, allowing you to easily preview  each of them, as well, as download, send, copy the quote link, and edit them on the fly. 

Process payment after a quote is accepted

Customers are never more eager to pay for your products or services than right after they accept your quote, so be ready with Link2quotes. Enter your PayPal account and Link2quotes will guide them through a seamless payment process with any credit card or PayPal funds.

No PayPal account required for your customers to pay.



Create & send Quotes with full Act! integration
Quote click-thru feedback that tells you when people view your quotes
Sold-to and Ship-to Support in Quote
Automated updating of Opportunities with edits and acceptances
Automated quote number sequencing with customizable prefixes and suffixes
Activity Dashboard
Update, Delete, and Send multiple quotes at once
Advanced Quote security with verification code
Advanced Sales tax management
Automated Quote Follow-ups after creation, sending, and closing
Generate a link to present your quote online
Instant notification of quote acceptance
Works with local and web databases
Easily send and recall your quote
Multi-currency support
Quote KPI's
Sales Quota Management & Progress-to-goal charting
Advanced Reports Page
BCC Notification of Accepted Quotes
Payment processing of accepted quotes
Quote List
Design Templates
Account Management
Product Source
L2Q Product DB
Image Source
L2Q Image DB
L2Q image bank Selection list
Quote Templates
Email Templates
= Included
= Not included

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