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Get more out of Linktivity with MailMerge
Get more out of Linktivity with MailMerge

Smarter Event Planning with

Complete Event Management for Act!!

Maximize your turnout while minimizing your cost & effort

Online events such as webinars, training sessions, or networking meetings can boost your business, but they can also be challenging to organize and host. You need to attract attendees, manage the RSVP’s, share the event details discreetly, send reminders, and follow up with the participants. This can be overwhelming, especially if you have to use multiple 3rd party applications that create extra work for you. If you are a small business owner, you probably have your events and invitees in your Act! database. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single online service that let you handle your events more easily and efficiently from within Act!, without any redundant work, and with higher attendance rates? Well, now there is, and it’s called Link2events.


With Link2events, you can:

  • Create events that sync directly to your Act! Calendar to ensure your schedule is always up-to-date
  •  Provide attendees with a user-friendly online sign-up process to maximize registration
  •  Send automated reminders to increase attendance and improve the overall success of your events
  •  Easily segment and categorize attendees to enhance post-event engagement and marketing
  •  Track and manage RSVPs in Act! to reduce manual effort and improve event planning efficiency

Link2events Saves You Money
Many online hosting services have two types of plans – meeting and webinar plans, with the latter being much more expensive than the former. Link2events helps you save money by adding the webinar features to the meeting plan at a fraction of the normal cost difference, with the added of bonus of integrating with Act! - something neither of them can do on their own.


Link2events saves you time, money, and effort, while generating more turnout for your events. Just create an event with Link2events, and let it do the rest.


 System Requirements & Subscription Terms

  • A current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher)
  • Act! security role of "Standard" or higher, with WebAPI permissions assigned
  • Act! Premium Cloud or Act! Premium with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link
  • Act! WebAPI v1.0.409.0 or K-API
  • All prices listed are in USD, and billed per user/per database

Fast facts every Act! user should know:

Schedule Event online & push it to Act!

Schedule your event in Link2events, and it's instantly created as a dynamically linked activity in Act!. Any scheduling changes in time, date, or duration made online will automatically be updated in Act!

Generate a URL to publish event details

Publish an online link to distribute or publish that people can click to learn about your event. This link will include all event scheduling details, plus a memo field for longer event descriptions. You can even incorporporate a unique event-specific image to post at the top of the event page.

Process easy online event sign-ups

Provide them the ability to register for your event online and have thos responding automatically added to the group in your Act! database that Link2events created for that event.

Update or add Act! Contacts

If the contact that signs-up is in your database the activity is linked to them, and if they're not, they get added and then linked. In cases of existing contacts, no field data gets overwritten

Present them with an invite after signing up

After they sign-up, Link2events then presents and answer page with an Outlook invitation for the same date and time so both participants have that event in their calendar. It even links the invite to your chosen email address.

Instant booking notification

Receive an instant email notification each time a reservation is made, letting you know who has registered

Automated Emails with confirmation codes

Those that sign-up are then sent a confirmation email instantly providing them a unique confirmation code and the previously undisclosed meeting location.

Limit distribution of meeting links to those with verified emails

Know in advance who is attending your event by distributing event location details, or meeting links to only those with verified email addresses. This enables you to better plan resources for your event when you have better visbility on expected attendance.

Default activity types

Set default activity type in Act! for each event for better reporting and calendar filtering of your Link2Events. The activity type is then recorded under that Contact in Act! when the event is complete.

Configure reminder emails to be sent before an event

Configure in Link2events how many hours in advance of your event your sign-ups will be sent a reminder. Both the initial sign-up email and the reminder include the event details and image you selected.

Works with Local & Web databases

Link2events works with Cloud databases using the WebAPI, and local databases using Act! Connect Link. As long as you have an Act! subscription, you can plan your events more successfully with less effort using Link2events.

Bi-directional Event Syncing

Events are now synced with activity bi-directionally between Act! & Link2events for date, duration, subject, and location.

Automated Event Follow-up Emails

Configure the number of hours after an event for the system to send a follow-up email, perhaps thanking them for attending. This email is composed in a separate memo field in the event setup area, and can include links to past event recordings, an "upcoming event" page, a survey form using Link2forms, or even a Link2calendar link for them to schedule an appointment with you.



Schedule Event online & push it to Act!
Experience seamless scheduling with Link2events. When you schedule your event, it instantly transforms into a dynamically linked activity in Act!. Plus, any adjustments you make to the time, date, or duration online will automatically reflect in your Act! calendar. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to effortless event management.
Publish a fully customizable sign-up page for the event
Effortlessly publish an eye-catching sign-up page for your event with Link2events. Handy layout tools will help make page attractive as it is informative, with fully formattable memo fields, images, helpful links, and much more. Plus Link2events allows you to generate human-friendly URL's that are short and easy to remember.
Effortlessly organize all attendees in Act!
All contacts that sign-up for your event are either added to Act! as new contacts, or updated as existing ones. They are then organized into a Group in Act! that was automatically created with the event, and linked to the activity.
Update or add Act! Contacts
When a signing contact exists in your database, Link2Events seamlessly links the activity to them. If, by chance, they're not in your database, Link2Events adds them and establishes the connection. Importantly, in the case of existing contacts, no field data is ever overwritten, ensuring the integrity of your contact information.
Event reminders and follow-ups are sent automatically to optimize turn-out
Easily configure event reminders before an event and optional follow-ups after an event to optimize your turn-out and ROI.
Include related links and downloads to better engage your audience
Link2events includes links to other upcoming events, additional documentation, and related websites to answer many of your audience's questions before they're asked. You can also include a Calendar link below the sign-up page to invite them to book a one-to-one session with the organizer.
Works with Local & Web databases
Link2events is a versatile online solution that seamlessly integrates with both cloud and local databases through WebAPI.
Instant booking notification & ongoing sign-up tallies
Stay in the loop with instant email notifications every time a reservation is made. You'll receive timely updates, including the details of who has registered, ensuring you're always in the know. Link2events also displays the event's running totals on the dashboard so you can prepare accordingly.
Collect admittance fee for billable events
Link2Events Team edition streamlines payment processing during event registration by seamlessly integrating PayPal payments into the process.
Automatically schedule Act! follow-ups after registration
Smaller events may benefit from personal follow-ups with each registrant, and the Team tier of Link2events allows you to schedule those activities automatically in Act!
Schedule additional drip campaigns before and after events
The Team tier of Link2Events allows you to schedule full drip campaigns before and after your event to better nurture your audience. These drips can be used to drum up attendance for that event, or engage the audience in future ones.
Assign events to different members of your Act! team
Effortlessly assign an owner other than the record manager directly from the Link2Events Team dashboard. This person will receive all event notifications, and scheduled follow-ups.
Shared image library across other Team products
Upload images from your computer and insert them into your event sign-up page. Share this image library across all Linktivity Team products in your workspace
Link2shrink integration
Select your custom URL for a memorable online presence.
CC field to alert others of bookings
Select your custom URL for a memorable online presence.
= Full
= Not Included

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